November 29, 2021

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They will investigate in Spain the rule of Nicolas Maduro to the leaders of the Podemos revealed by the former head of Chavez’s intelligence.

“El Polo” Carvajal with Nicolas Maduro (Reuters / Archive)

Economic and Financial Crimes Division (UDEF) of the Police. Former Podemos leaders such as Juan Carlos Monetero and Carolina Pescanza will be investigated for alleged money laundering in Venezuela., And that the former Venezuelan general has revealed Hugo Armando Carvajal, Also known as “El Polo” Carvajal.

Improved The world And confirmed EFE Legal Evidence, Reinforcement Judge of the Federal Court Order No. 6, Joaquin Gadia, ordered the UDEF. Investigate financial transactions from Venezuela – total $ 142,000 (125 125,507) – to the founders of Podemos Carolina Pescanza, Jorge Lago and Ariel Gerais, By Viu Communicaciones.

Request UDEF as well Carry out procedures aimed at detecting the presence of Monetero in Venezuela, As well as recognition of the allegations they make by the Venezuelan State Oil Corporation (PDVSA).

The magistrate made the decision in a car after the former head of Venezuelan intelligence was arrested in Madrid in September, following the release of these revelations, which did not count to avoid deportation to the United States.

The judge also asked police to monitor the movements of Pescanza, Lago and Jerusalem banks, and to inspect Viu Communicaciones and Viu Europa., All of which were reopened within the framework of Podemos ‘financial activities filed in 2016 and after learning of Carvajal’s revelations about the party’s former leaders’ views on finance.

As explained The worldIn his last statement on October 27, “El Polo” – pending deportation to the United States for drug trafficking offenses – promised that both companies were used as a cover to fund Podemos..

Hugo Carvajal (EFE / Emilio Naranzo / Archive)
Hugo Carvajal (EFE / Emilio Naranzo / Archive)

Similarly, the judge also ordered a series of UDF actions against Monetero.

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Carvajal has promised in a national court that he has received funding from the Nicolas Maduro regime for imaginary consultations through Venezuela’s state-owned oil company PTVSA..

about this, The world Carvajal sent a document to the Venezuelan president raising funds for PTVSA’s participation in the XXI World Petroleum Congress in Moscow.

In that document dated October 16, 2016, Hired by Viu Communicaciones, According to the former head of Venezuelan intelligence, it could have been used as a tool for the irregular funding of the Podemos party.

The hiring, according to those documents, was carried out for the amount $ 532,520 (470,618 euros at current exchange rate) All related to the participation of the state oil company PDVSA in the aforementioned Congress, including $ 110,000 (, 97,213) For direct management of Viu Communicaciones.

ProdiseƱo was sub-contracted for $ 280,520 (18 184,288) and $ 142,000 was allocated to sociologists Ariel Ger ,s, Carolina Pescanza and George Lago.

(With information from EFE)

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