October 24, 2021

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Tropical Storm Elsa Patterns (+ Track Cone)

Elsa’s path cone.

Extreme levels of low pressure associated with the tropical wave of the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and last night It became the first tropical recession five, then the tropical storm ELSA at dawn, the fifth of the current hurricane season.

At 8 a.m., the epicenter was reported at 9.6 degrees north latitude and 50.2 degrees west longitude, 1,255 kilometers east-southeast of the Laser Antilles Arc.

This creature moves rapidly westward at a speed of 41 kilometers per hour. At 65 km at maximum durable air, high gases and central pressure is 1006 hectopascals.

Forecast models are consistent over the course of this tropical storm’s evolution over 24 – 48 hours, although they are beginning to show some scattering from its transport across the Caribbean Sea. Some models weaken it as it enters the Caribbean, while others maintain it as a tropical system that could be a tropical storm or reach Type 1 The hurricane will move west-northwest through the Lesser Antilles on Friday, July 2, tomorrow, south of Hispaniola this Saturday and approaching the 4th east of Cuba on Sunday.

From Saturday night and early morning to Sunday, the effects of Elsa may begin to be felt in eastern Cuba, and more attention should be paid to rainfall that is strong and intense in different places, given the concentration of the soil. Geography of Eastern Cuba. These conditions will gradually shift to the central and western parts of the country.

Tropical cyclone warnings issued by the Tropical Storm Forecast Center include information on hazards associated with Elsa, rainfall, wind and sea conditions.

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(With information from Insmet)