January 19, 2021

Twitter updates Donald Trump’s warning label for US election; Joe Biden announces victory

Micro-blogging site Twitter has updated warning labels to match US election misinformation, reflecting the election of Joe Biden as president. Twitter’s new language change undermines the outcome of the upcoming US President Donald Trump’s election result on Saturday morning, and applies to all future tweets. Earlier, a micro-blogging site was used to label allegations of election fraud as “controversial”.

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Twitter’s new warning label reads, “Election officials have certified Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election.”

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Twitter is updating its warning label

Commenting on the new update of its warning label, Twitter spokesman Nick Basilio said, “Following the certification of the results of the 2020 US election, we have updated our label to reflect the latest information.”

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Twitter’s misinformation label has become the subject of controversy since the company began adding them to Donald Trump’s tweets and in some cases hiding the tweets. Last week, Twitter claimed that Trump’s tweets had “carelessly” limited involvement for a short time with “controversial” labels.

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter and Facebook are set to make changes to content policies implemented to prevent the spread of misinformation on their sites during the 2020 US election. For example, Twitter plans to retake retweets with one click after recording a 20 percent decline in sharing after the change. Previously, Facebook changed its algorithm, bringing in additional messages from sources that it deems to be genuine.

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