October 27, 2021

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UN concerned over escalating violence in Haiti | News

The United Nations Office in Haiti has expressed concern over the “intensification of violence” by armed groups against civilians in the Caribbean and called for an end to the occupation.

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In a message posted on his Twitter account, he said: “We call on all parties to stop the violence and provide humanitarian assistance to people in need.”

The mission was called upon when the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace (C-JILAP) described the humanitarian situation facing thousands of internally displaced people following the clashes between armed groups in Haiti as catastrophic.

Its national director, Jocelyn Colas Noel, promised at the southern entrance to the capital that refugees from poor neighboring Mart மாரnez were deprived of all essentials and needed as much help as possible.

About 2,500 people were forced to flee their homes amid clashes between armed groups for Mortisand’s control over the southern ports connecting Port-au-Prince.

A day of tension erupted when an armed mob attacked a car dealer this Monday at the Dozent Louvre Boulevard on its way to Port-au-Prince Airport.

In recent months, Haiti has faced a dramatic increase in gang violence, characterized by a significant increase in armed attacks against civilians, gang wars, assassinations, robberies, rapes and kidnappings across the country.

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The UN encouraged all parties involved to stop the violence and to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need.

The Office of Civil Defense (OPC) says violence by armed groups fighting for control of two neighboring countries south of Port-au-Prince has killed at least 10 people.

The clashes in the Fondamara and Mortisand areas have burned down numerous homes and businesses, and thousands of people have sought refuge elsewhere, the OPC says, a systemic condition for promoting and protecting human rights.