September 19, 2021

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UN warns 235 million people in need of humanitarian assistance

The United Nations on Sunday warned that 235 million people need humanitarian aid, a record number for 2021.

According to the UN, armed conflicts, severe weather events, and the current situation derived from the Govt-19 epidemic have, for other reasons, pushed millions of people to the brink of survival, mainly in the poorest countries.

“There are situations where the most disadvantaged groups need assistance and humanitarian assistance to avoid the most severe tragedies,” explains Enkorni Escobar of the Manos Unidas Project Department.

According to Encarni Escobar, an example of a situation related to humanitarian aid is what happened in Haiti after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the country last week with thousands of people in need of humanitarian assistance.

A representative of Manos Unidas pointed out that due to the outbreak of corona virus infection, the demands for emergency assistance received by the voluntary organization have increased significantly.

“In practice livelihood economies, state support is almost guaranteed, and survival from the effects of a global epidemic affects us, for millions of people, the challenge of being the frontier of heroism,” Escobar said.

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