January 19, 2021

United Airlines warns passengers on flight after Govt-related death

United Airlines is working with health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help them contact passengers who may have been on Covit-19 after a person died in a “medical emergency” during a flight this week. The airline said in a statement.

The incident happened during an Orlando-to-Los Angeles flight on Monday. The plane was diverted to New Orleans when someone on board fell ill. Paramedics took the male passenger to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead, United Airlines said.

“Everything felt so intense, not real,” said Shay Allen, who was on the plane NBC Los Angeles. Allen said he saw the man put his head down and board the plane. Within 20 minutes of the flight, a nurse and emergency medical technician began to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, Allen says. She and Other passengers They indicated that they had heard the man’s wife say that he was experiencing symptoms similar to those of Govt.

“At the time of the diversion, we were informed that he had suffered a heart attack, so the passengers were given the opportunity to board the flight later or resume their travel plans,” the airline said. “Now that CDC has contacted us directly, we will share the requested information with the agency, so CDC hopes to liaise with any customer in conjunction with local health officials, which CDC believes is at risk for exposure or infection.”

The male passenger filled out the required checklist before boarding the plane, saying he had not tested positive for the cove and had no symptoms. But he “wrongly acknowledged this need,” the airline said.

The CDC said in a statement, “We continue to collect information in accordance with our standard operating procedures to determine whether further public health action is appropriate.” The company did not provide any information about the dead passenger “to protect the privacy of the individual”.

Alan is being isolated at home in California. By Friday, he had not been contacted by health officials, NBC Los Angeles Announced.

Four flight attendants who worked on the plane for 14 days after the plane landed in Los Angeles have been isolated, said Taylor Garland, spokeswoman for the Air Assistants Association. NBC told Los Angeles.

“Our union continues to support the team,” Garland said. “We urge passengers to comply with flight COVID policies and to stay home if you become ill.”

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