September 19, 2021

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United Kingdom: 32 058 new COVID-19 infections in a single day

Photo: Xinhua.

The United Kingdom recorded a further 32,558 COVID-19 infections this Saturday, Bringing the total number of cases reported since the onset of the epidemic to 6,490,930, according to health officials.

What else, 104 deaths were reported that day due to the epidemicThis adds up to 131 591 deaths. Question figures refer to deaths recorded within 28 days from the end of the initial positive test.

It is the first product to be administered in combination with monoclonal antibodies indicated for the prevention and treatment of acute illness, following Ronabree’s approval by the country’s regulatory body for pharmaceuticals and health products (MHRA, according to its abbreviation in English). Infection in British Geography.

மருந்து, Developed by Regeneran / Roche and administered by injection or infusion. Once in the body, it interferes with the lining of the respiratory tract and binds tightly to the virus, thus preventing it from accessing cells of the respiratory system, MHRA said in an official statement.

Clinical trials show that Ronabreeze can be used to prevent infection, to alleviate the symptoms of serious illnesses, and to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization.

Samantha Atkinson, Interim Director of Quality and Accessibility at MHRA, “Promises” that the drug is recommendedThe first type is corona virus treatmentFurthermore, after accurately evaluating the data of our expert scientists and medical professionals, we are satisfied that this treatment is safe and effective.

(With information from Xinhua and La Jornada)