November 29, 2021

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United States: Republican groups back Democrats against Trump

The newspaper today commented that Republicans opposing former President Donald Trump will support Democratic candidates and his party’s centrist members to counter former president’s group control. Mountain.

The digital publication pointed out that the anti-Trump party on Thursday released a list of candidates they would support in the 2022 midterm elections to fight former President Trump’s party control.

The group, known as the Renewal Movement of America (RAM), formed after the January 6 attack on Capitol this year, announced its support for re-elected legislators.

“The urgent effort of Republicans and former Republicans will prevent delays by anti-democratic and lying Republican leaders in Congress,” he said in a statement.

Among those receiving the blessing was Republicans who criticized the risk of redistribution in Illinois, including Trump, Delegate Liz Cheney and Delegate Adam Kinsinger.

According to Mountain Sen, who was found guilty at the indictment trial against Trump earlier this year. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), gets approval.

The list includes 11 Democrats from the House of Representatives and the Senate, most of whom are running in tight elections.

“With the growing threats to our democracy and constitution, people must act diligently to move their party and country from the political climax,” Ramin National Political Director Joel Serby told the media.

The newspaper report estimated that all those supported by the group could face a reversal in the fight for re-election, which could be for the primary candidates or for a general election backed by Trump.

Some Republicans opposed the candidacy sponsored by the former president, who returned to the White House and respects the formation of a party that would challenge the group’s plans to lead the far right.

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