September 23, 2021

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Venezuela calls for greater international cooperation in tackling the epidemic

Caracas-. Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez today called for more international cooperation in tackling the Govt-19 epidemic ahead of an Ibero – US meeting of finance and economic ministers.

In a video conference hosted by the Dominican Republic, the Vice President stressed that inequality is the wrong way to fight the epidemic.

“When vaccines are not available in other parts of the world, it is useless for 10 countries to have herd immunity and normalize its economic life,” the official said.

He reiterated the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States and other countries against Venezuela, as well as other members of the Ibero-US Conference, such as Cuba and Nicaragua, who are experiencing the consequences of this criminal policy. , he said.

In this regard, Venezuela’s Minister of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade called on the Portuguese authorities to release the Bolivian government’s banned funds and make them available to the United Nations to purchase drugs and supplies for the country. South American. .

Rodriguez also welcomed the intervention of Ibero-US Secretary of State Rebecca Grinspan on the evils of countries in the region to buy vaccines against Govt-19.

In this sense, Grinspon stressed that the costs of the epidemic are evenly distributed, rather than deeply distributed resources to deal with the greatest health catastrophe of the last century.

The VII Euro-American Ministers of Finance and Economics at the EIRO-US Conference convened with representatives from 22 countries and multilateral organizations, with an agenda focusing on the financial needs of the region in the face of the effects of epidemics. .

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