September 19, 2021

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Venezuelan government and opposition to resumption of talks in September – Brenza Latina

In a joint statement issued this Sunday, they noted that they had held constructive meetings this weekend, during which they continued the Memorandum of Understanding signed on August 13 in the Mexican capital.

In this regard, they highlighted discussions to establish an advisory mechanism that is as inclusive as possible with political and social actors.

Similarly, representatives of the State of Venezuela and the Opposition reiterated their commitment to the established guidelines, “taking the utmost precautionary measures regarding the reservation of this process and were prudent and concise in our views on the matter,” the statement said.

Finally, members of the international community expressed their deep appreciation for their support of the talks.

The Venezuelan government and the opposition’s single platform agreed to a dialogue program aimed at finalizing agreements on political rights, election guarantees and the timetable for observable elections.

Similarly, the parties will address the elimination of unilateral coercive measures against Venezuela, the restoration of property rights, the renunciation of violence and the implementation, monitoring and verification of victims’ response and consent.

In establishing the table of dialogue, the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Parliament), George Rodriguez, the full representative of the administration, urged to work to create initial agreements that would benefit the people.

In turn, opposition representative Gerardo Blythe assured that the dialogue would be the best tool to reach a comprehensive agreement that guarantees long-term democratic and political coexistence for the Venezuelan people.

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