September 19, 2021

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Venezuelan President Paris 2024 – Brenza Guides Strategies Towards Latina

While reviewing the performance of the Venezuelan delegation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the heads of state called for joint efforts to improve the sports facilities for the training of tournaments and national teams.

Similarly, the President argued that in order to increase competition results and to provide the Venezuelan sports movement with the best experts in that field, it is necessary to attract world-class coaches in various fields.

Along with these measures, Maduro instructed officials to expand plans to augment athletic activity through special programs with the Bario Adentro Deportivo Mission and all-country federations.

In this regard, the President stressed the importance of developing mechanisms to attract talent in communities to join the high performance ranks.

Maduro reiterated his admiration for the performance of the Venezuelan delegation in Tokyo and rejected the hate campaigns unleashed on social media against South American athletes.

Venezuela celebrated the gold medal won by Ulymer Rojas in the triple jump this Sunday, setting a world record of 15.67 meters, as well as the verse of cyclist Daniel Dares in freestyle BMX.

Earlier, weightlifters Julio Myora and Ketomer Valenilla each won silver in the 73 and 96 kg categories.

The performance ranked Venezuela 26th in the medal table with a gold medal and three silver, the best performance in the country in Olympic history so far.

Deputy Petro Infante, who served as Minister of Youth and Sports from 2017-2020, stressed that the Venezuelan delegation has achieved excellent historical results despite difficulties in the qualification process.

Infonte recalled that during the Olympic cycle, Venezuelan athletes faced restrictions on participating in competitions related to visa denial or the inability to pay tickets to travel to host countries as a result of coercive measures implemented against the South. American Nation ..

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