November 29, 2021

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Venezuela’s National Assembly supports agreement with ICC

The purpose of this agreement is to obtain justice and to expel the unpunished acts of violators of rights.

Venezuela’s National Assembly approved the proposed agreement in support of a memorandum of understanding between the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s office and its government in an extraordinary session this Thursday.

George Rodrஸ்guez, chairman of the Legislative Council, described the event as a victory for the country’s institutions, saying “in the end the truth will prevail; those supported by the empire are now nothing.”

“Venezuela can continue to tell the world that we will never kneel before Venezuela and that we will not kneel before any action of any real force on this planet,” he said.

ICC lawyer Kareem Khan has promised to travel to South America to recognize the Venezuelan government. He recalled calling his attorney general, Dorek William Chop, and insisting he had not met with opposition leaders.

Similarly, he stressed the need to take serious action in the investigation to ensure that crimes committed against the Venezuelan people are not punished.

The agreement, signed by the ICC and the Government of Venezuela on November 3, provides for the investigation and prosecution of possible acts and human rights violations, through institutions created by Venezuela and in accordance with the principles set forth in its Constitution. .

In this regard, he stressed that the agreement signed by President Nicolas Maduro is historic and guarantees justice to his country.

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