September 19, 2021

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Violence, Poverty and the Covit-19 Concern Chile – Brenza Latin

According to the agency ‘Global Concerns: May 2021’ report by the agency in 27 countries, fears about crime and violence in Chile were the main cause of fear for 51 per cent of those surveyed, with a rise of six per cent over April.

Miguel Pinto, deputy manager of IPSOS public studies, explained that the impact of some crimes of high social meaning published in the press may have been a cause for concern.

In addition, although it is an issue that requires urgent attention, there is a perception that it is not one of the priorities of the public agenda.

Meanwhile, although it fell three percentage points in a study related to April, poverty and inequality remained the second highest concern for those surveyed, with 41 per cent, well above the world average of 32 per cent.

Fear of infection with Covit-19 is in third place, with 40 percent of comments, although the report says Chile’s concern about the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus is much lower, along with Spain and Poland. The issue topped the list in Chile with a 23 percentage point increase in April, but it fell in May, Pinto explained, which may be due to a continued increase in the percentage of people vaccinated.

In addition to these problems, fears of unemployment (35 percent) and financial and political corruption (23) stand out among Chileans.

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