September 19, 2021

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Voluntary charities condemn speculation and high prices in the anticoagulant vaccine market

The price premium, which varies between countries, increases the base production cost from four to 24, which is $ 1.2 per dose. Image: Getty Images.

Many international NGOs have condemned the monopoly of large pharmaceutical companies, which are forecasting multi-million dollar profits, while random distribution continues. According to Oxfam, the monopoly of vaccines costs at least five times as much to vaccinate the world against.

In the midst of the epidemic, Pfizer, the company that makes one of the Govt vaccines through Bioendech, rubbed its hands, Global sales in 2021.5 Expected to reach 33.5 billion.

According to the AFP, international NGOs, including Oxfam, condemn the rapid profits of some organizations and, on the other hand, the lack of vaccines in countries such as Tunisia and Senegal where the epidemic is exacerbated, which explains the global access to these drugs.

According to Oxfam Interman of Spain, 85 doses are used per 100 people in the European Union, compared to four in Africa.

Last month, Imperial College London already cited the profit margins of companies such as Pfizer and Moderna in a report. Evaluated According to UNICEF, the actual cost of producing a single dose of vaccine is between 60 cents and two euros, with states buying them for 12 to 25 euros.

Beatrice Knowles, a lawyer and head of the civic area, denounced Oxfam Interman, a non-profit organization, for violating the costs. “An element that needs to be pointed out first Lack of transparency on the part of pharmaceutical companies regarding cost, but how these prices are negotiated between states and pharmaceutical companies. ”, he said.

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“It simply came to our notice then Additional cost, which varies between countries. This multiplies the basic production cost by four to 24, which is $ 1.2 per dose. We have the example of the EU: the additional cost is estimated at 31 billion euros, which equates to 19% of the EU budget, ”he added.

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The example of Colombia is astonishing. The South American nation will pay twice as much as the United States for the modern vaccine against Govt-19.

“Kovacs’ global mechanism, designed to make it easier for the majority of people to access and sell the vaccine, costs five times more than what it costs to produce.”Added the Oxfam manager.

Instead, AstraZeneca or other labs like Johnson & Johnson sell their vaccines at a cost. A vaccine from an Anglo-Swedish laboratory is priced at two to five dollars, according to a UNICEF summary panel. Significant price differences for each dose sold by country.

However, Moderna and Pfizer won the trade war in many states because of their mass production and the efficiency of their products. For access to vaccines in developing and poor countries, Oxfam recommends Raise the patent for vaccines.

There are more than 100 countries that support the temporary issuance of patents. The siege comes from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Germany, ”Novels said.

In the short term, the NGO recommends sharing the technology so that other countries and other organizations can mass-produce vaccines.

U.S. officials allow Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine factory to reopen

The company said Thursday that U.S. health officials have approved an emergency bio-solutions plant affected by pollution problems to resume production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closed the Baltimore plant in mid-April, forcing it to reject tens of millions of vaccines produced under the contract due to pollution issues. With Johnson & Johnson.

The bulk vaccine was contaminated with an ingredient in the Astrogenega vaccine, which is manufactured in the same facility.

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The emergency did not say when production would resume.

Since April, FDA inspectors have been inspecting plant and security camera videos to identify material handling deficiencies. They collaborate with the company to address ongoing issues such as deficiencies in health conditions and lack of training for workers, A.P.

The company has also reviewed vaccine production data in recent months and authorized the distribution of several major vaccines.

Emergency is one of the many J&J contractors who bulk produce their vaccine. The concentrated vaccine is then sent to other plants for final operations such as dilution and packaging in the correct proportions. The J&J vaccine requires a single dose.

Failures in the pavilion industry have affected J&J’s efforts to be at the forefront of vaccinating people, especially in remote areas and poor countries, as it is the only pharmaceutical company with a licensed vaccine that requires a single dose and constant refrigeration.

AB says production problems have forced J&J to smuggle millions of dollars from its plant in the Netherlands to the United States and breach of duty.

Israel will use the third dose for those over 60 as infections increase

Israel will recruit more than 60 of its citizens to receive the third dose of the vaccine. Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett made the announcement in a televised statement on Thursday.

As infections have increased in recent weeks due to the spread of delta variability, Israel launches its first supplementary vaccination campaign on Sunday for those over 60 who were vaccinated six months ago, Bennett said.

“I urge all seniors who have already been vaccinated to accept this extra dose. Protect yourself,” the Prime Minister declared.

“In a few days after the third dose, they will have more immune protection,” Bennett said. “Vaccines, like the flu vaccine, protect against death and must be reintroduced from time to time.”

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According to Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company that produces mainly used vaccines in Israel, “new studies show that it is five times more likely to be effective against delta variability in young people and more than 11 times more neutral in older people.”

Approximately 55% of the Israeli population has already been vaccinated, thanks to an extensive campaign that began in late December, mostly with the Pfizer vaccine.

In early June, authorities extended the vaccine to young people between the ages of 12 and 16, and to children between the ages of five and 11 who are at risk for serious complications until August 1st.

Biden points to the possibility that the vaccine may be mandatory in the United States

US President Joe Biden did not rule out this Thursday The federal government may order all Americans to be vaccinated against Govt-19 The White House agreed to inquire about it.

Speaking to reporters after delivering a speech explaining the new vaccination program for more than four million federal employees, Biden acknowledged that states, private companies or schools would like to continue in order to make the vaccine mandatory.

“I want to see them move in that direction,” he said It has asked the Department of Justice to determine if it can be done legally.

I confirm it Local communities can do this, as can businesses, and adds: “The question is whether the federal government can force the whole country. I don’t know yet “.

This is the first time Biden has suggested the possibility of making the vaccine mandatory, as the country’s epidemics have increased due to the delta variation.

The White House announced this Thursday that it would force more than four million U.S. government workers to show evidence of vaccination against Covit-19 if they did not want to be tested on a regular basis, given the advance of the delta variant. In the country.

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