September 19, 2021

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Washington blames Kabul airport riots – Brenza Latina

Since entering Kabul a week ago, the sovereign-military establishment has left the airport in US hands, now accusing it of failing to maintain order.

“There is peace and order across the country, but only at Kabul airport,” said Taliban leader Amir Khan Mudaki, who warned that the situation should end soon.

Regarding the expulsion from the capital, the EU considered it impossible to remove all of its allies from the country before August 31 and blamed the United States for blocking the process.

The Group of Seven announced that it would address the Afghan situation in a virtual meeting next Tuesday to ensure safe transportation and prevent a humanitarian crisis, and that it would address the issue of internal migration – according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the current leader of the constituency.

Group Seven is made up of the world’s largest economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Taliban leadership sent a battalion of its special forces to the capital airport with the aim of restoring order to the facility after reporting the deaths of seven people in a chaotic situation, the TV channel reported on Sunday. Qatar Al Jazeera.

According to this media, the task of creating the elite is to disperse the crowd preventing the departure of people on special flights from Afghanistan, mainly Americans or Pakistanis, and generally foreigners and nationals coming to the airport to evacuate. Worked for the United States.

During a meeting with federal candidates for the United Russia party in the mid-September parliamentary elections, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that the situation in Afghanistan was affecting his country’s security.

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At the risk of destabilizing the Central Asian nation, the head of state noted the possibility of militant militants entering Afghanistan or other countries from Syria, other than the authorities, appearing as refugees.

At the meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov promised that the conflict in Central Asia and its regional impact would be the focus of discussions at the summits of the Joint Security Agreement on Monday. Cooperation in Shanghai, in September.

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