November 29, 2021

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We will continue to make new and major contributions to the noble cause of the United Nations

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On October 25, 1971, the 26th General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously approved a proposal to restore all legal rights of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations.  The photo shows the warm applause of the delegates when the proposal was accepted.  (File image)

Guo Jipping, People’s Daily

On October 25, 1971, the 26th General Assembly of the United Nations adopted Resolution 2758 by 76 votes to 35, 17 against. This is a great victory for the diplomacy of the new China and the global judiciary.

The restoration of China’s legal place in the United Nations has opened a new chapter in cooperation between China and the United Nations. With courage and determination, China has consistently integrated into the international arena, affiliated with almost all public multilateral and international organizations, and is now a party to more than 600 international conferences and revisions.

As the only developing country to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China has always acted in the spirit of the United Nations Charter, dealing fairly with matters and playing a key role in safeguarding international justice and fairness. .

Over the past 50 years, diversity has grown exponentially and the shape of the world has changed dramatically. The joint uprising of developing countries and developing countries represented by China has greatly increased its power to maintain peace and development. China firmly supports the United Nations-centric international body, the United Nations’ key role in international law and order and world affairs. With its own development, China has written the true myth of human progress and contributed to further improving the cause of world peace and development.

Over the past 50 years, the interests and rules of all nations have become increasingly intertwined. The present situation is intertwined with the unprecedented changes and epidemics of the century, facing the various dangers and challenges facing mankind. Global challenges need a strong global response. China advocates the creation of a society with a shared future for humanity and always recommends taking the United Nations as a platform for international consensus and facing challenges collectively. It is the right choice for the needs of our time.

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Regardless of the development of the international situation, China has always raised the flag of diversity, firmly supported the international body with the United Nations, and strongly defended international order, just rights and interests based on international law. Developing countries tirelessly defended developing countries and vigorously promoted the development of a global governance system in a fair and equitable direction. The theme of this era is the creation of a harmonious world, from the partition of the “Three Worlds” to the establishment of a new international political and economic order, to improving the construction of a society. China has brought its wisdom and plans to promote world peace and development at every historic moment, with a shared future for all mankind.

Whether to fully support the global fight against epidemics and collectively create a common health community for mankind, or to join forces to build a global ecological civilization and to improve the construction of human and natural life and all society on earth; Proposing global development initiatives, building a global development community of common destiny, China’s firm commitment and maintaining and implementing multilateralism, and the United Nations’ decisive action in supporting development, bring to the world positive changes. China’s continuous development, and learning the core value of the concept of common destiny for mankind. As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted, “China has become a major pillar of pluralism, and the goal of multilateralism is to establish a common destiny for humanity.”

China has always believed that the essence of pluralism is subject to international debate and that the future and destiny of the world must be collectively controlled by all nations. The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the restoration of China’s just rights at the United Nations is another important declaration for the protection and implementation of pluralism and the creation of a society with a shared future for all mankind.

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China recommends that the United Nations raise the flag of true diversity and become a focal point for all nations to collectively safeguard global security, share development achievements and collectively control the fate of the world. China proposes that the United Nations seek to stabilize international order, improve the representation and voice of developing countries in international affairs, and take the lead in promoting democracy and the rule of law in international relations. China hopes to promote work symmetrically in three broad areas, namely defense, development and human rights, with a common agenda, focus on key issues and activities, and implement pledges. All multilateral parties.

Today, at a new historical juncture, China will fully participate in the United Nations, fully defend the status of the United Nations, fully defend the aims and principles of the United Nations Charter, and safeguard the flag of true diversity. Continuous progress to create a common destiny for all the progressive forces of the world and for all mankind. It is the solemn commitment of a great centenary party, and it is the responsibility of the historical conscience and time of a great responsible country.

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