November 29, 2021

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Weak Joe Biden is coming to Europe for G20 and COP26

First change:

The US president is flying to Italy this Thursday, where the G20 takes place this weekend. It will then leave for the UK for the COP26 International Climate Conference.

President Biden will return to Europe tomorrow weakened after failing to convince the majority of his party of the benefits of his social and climate change plan.

The most progressive priorities of the program have been lost along the way, the victims of internal divisions among centrist senators are being funded by polluting companies, and the most progressive group refusing to recognize the global plan without much ambitious progress.

Party sources assure that the non-payment of wages due to illness and the reduction in the price of medicines have already been reduced from the initial plan.

Now free kindergartens, the general expansion of medical programs for retirees and the $ 555 billion budget to combat climate change are also at risk.

Dangerous situation

This failure on the new domestic agenda raises international suspicions that Joe Biden has not shaken the country from the isolationism pushed by his predecessor Donald Trump.

The situation is that the current White House tenant is in a precarious situation ahead of their weekend G20 meetings in Rome and next week’s climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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