November 29, 2021

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What happened on November 9th?

On a day like today, November 9, but in 1989 The The fall of the Berlin Wall As a result of a popular uprising in Berlin, located in East Germany. The wall, this The country was divided and overthrown And the reunification of present-day Germany took place.

November 9, 2000 in Spain Closes its borders as a precautionary measure for livestock Of France and Ireland Crazy cow disease. The move comes after the discovery of a third case with human variant of the disease in France.

Do you want to know more? Find Epimeris on November 9 and see what happened, who was born and who died. Also, do not miss the horoscopes and saints that are celebrated today.

What happened on November 9th?

1872: Boston’s Great Fire (USA) begins.

1879: Opening Ceremony of the Castellana Racecourse in Madrid (Spain).

1909: A fire in a boiler destroys the Detro de la Cersvala in Madrid (Spain).

1917: The first animated film ‘El Apostol’ was released in Argentina.

1938: The Nazis captured and destroyed the property of more than 35,000 Jews in a night of broken glass in Germany.

1965: The ‘Great Blackout’ is happening. 12-hour power outage in the US and Canada.

1965: A member of the Catholic Workers’ Movement has committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of a United Nations building in protest of the Vietnam War.

1967: The first issue of ‘Rolling Stone’ is released.

1968: The free movement of workers between EU member states is taking effect.

1998: Christian Fondo, attorney for ETA detainees at the Algiers talks, announces.

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1998: A federal judge in the United States has condemned 37 brokerage firms for paying $ 1.03 billion to defrauded NASDAQ investors.

1999: Jose Maria Azner fires senior executives who benefited from AVE contracts.

2005: Attacks in Amman (Jordan) take place in three hotels.

2014: Order Mass organized a referendum on the independence of Catalonia (Spain).

2016: Donald Trump has won the US presidential election.

2020: The Congress of the Republic of Peru ousted President Martin Viscarra by 105 votes.

Who was born on November 9?

1757: Antonio José Ruiz de Padron, Spanish politician.

1809: Cinipaldo de Mass, the father of Iberianism and the first Spanish ambassador to China.

1877: Enrico de Nicola, Italian politician, first president of the Italian Republic.

1889: Andrés Saborit, Spanish journalist and trade unionist.

1903: Josephine Pla, a Paraguayan poet and playwright of Spanish descent.

1914: Heidi Lamar, Austrian actress, inventor and telecommunications engineer.

1921: Loro Olmo, Spanish playwright.

1926: Jesus Fernandez Santos, Spanish writer and filmmaker.

1936: Eduardo Bunset, Spanish politician, writer, economist and science promoter.

1939: Alfonso Cabosa, physician and head of Atletico de Madrid.

1973: Belén Esteban, Spanish television collaborator.

1974: Veronica Valenzuela Cordero, Spanish writer.

1981: David Guabo, Spanish comedian.

Who died on November 9?

1947: Mariano Benliur, Spanish sculptor.

1959: Ramon Capanilas, Spanish writer in Galician.

1976: Emilio Gimeno Gill, Spanish scientist.

1985: Mary-Georges Pascal, Actris Franசாais.

1998: Jesus Alvis, Spanish novelist and playwright.

2000: Antonio Alcalde Molinero, Spanish painter and illustrator.

2004: Iris Chang, Sino-American writer and journalist.

2004: Eugenio Domingo Solans, Spanish economist.

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2007: Jose Moreno, Spanish actor.

2008: Miriam Makeba, uncle Africa, South African singer and human rights activist.

2009: Jose Paragon Rodriguez, Spanish sculptor.

2016: ‘La Veneno’, Spanish star, singer and actress.

What is celebrated on November 9?

Nov. 9, The Almudena Day, Host of Madrid. The autonomous community has this day as a holiday. Pope Pius X proclaimed November 9 as Virgin de la Almudena Day. Offerings are made on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Cathedral, which bears its name in Madrid.

Horoscope for November 9th

It is for everyone born on November 9th Zodiac Scorpio According to the horoscope.

November 9 Santoral

The November 9 Saints From Our lady of Almudena And the dedication of the Lateran Basilica. In addition, it includes Saint Agrippino of Naples, St. Eustolia of Constantinople, St. George of Lode, St. Monaldo of Istria, St. Orestes of Cappadocia, St. Sophodra of Constantinople, and St. John of Porzin.