January 19, 2021

When America is in turmoil, what is the best time for Britain to go the same way? | Marina Hyde | Comment

J.Through a video calling for healing on Thursday night, Donald Trump marks both scales and effort scores in “Late Time Brando”. After explicitly reading the queue cards held by one of the last bunker friends to resign, the president somehow made his lines quarterly on the phone and sounded both afraid of gut-wrenching.

Naturally no one should believe a word he says, but there was a unique fact loophole in the quote from the current presidential adviser, who told a New York reporter that he was annoyed by the footage of Trump in the Capitol. “Lower class”. As the consultant explained: “He does not like low class things.” Well, much. All populists hate their people, those who voted for Trump during his lifetime and those who supported him on these very bitter fronts – even if it was the end – are one of the most Sledgehammer paradoxes of his era.

So, as far as Trump is concerned, most Diehard members of his site were awake to find out that this was a conspiracy position. Wednesday night he told them he loved them; He promised to imprison them by Thursday – using the terrible monument administrative order he had brought to delight them on the roof of the Black Lives Matter statue. Life is getting faster for you, I said.

It is not yet clear how well they will take the betrayal. We are already talking about people who are very distracted by the idea of ​​freedom and they are really affected by the idea that they are not really free to overthrow a regime in a democracy. A boy on Wednesday Posted Picture of his son standing inside the Capitol at the base of a statue: “That’s my son!” By Thursday, he was investigating: “Why is the FBI contacting me?” I fainted A clip “This is a revolution!” Of a maha rebel who explained that. But he was angry and stunned that he had shed tears. America’s service culture runs deep.

So to the founding fathers of this level of mass illusion. It was a pleasure to hear from Mark Zuckerberg, who proudly announced that he was blocking Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. This is not a case of closing the stable door after the horse has been rolled as a stimulant, wiping it frantically, encouraging it to be wiped out, fostering a world in which humans can be subjugated by horses, and monetizing every snoring and whining. Lets change the existence of “humans” and “horses” into one of the competing concepts, and then – only when that particular horse appears to have been imposed on the glue factory in defiance of its usefulness – is a self-satisfied little “click” to slowly close the standard door. I really enjoyed the photos of Zuckerberg’s wife experiencing a carefree snake in Hawaii, which is considered a man Is ready for a violent death Nancy was browsing at Pelosi’s desk.

Rupert Murdoch has already piled up safely in Oxfordshire to break his silence, and his top Fox news anchor, Tucker Carlson, is pushing the anti-Vox campaign. But a Trump president would not have been in office without Fox News, whose primary rage was his belief that the channel would spend many years in his election and his genitals, boom and bust and news was really just another TV show. Barack Obama doubled its bad instincts from the moment he was elected, and Fox News was intimidated and intensified with wild information, creating a post-reality black hole that even previously mild-mannered competitors got caught up in.

Here we are. Importing events in Washington this week is a lot of things, but one of them is the warning story of what happens when the “news” goes completely unnoticed from the facts. As the play jumped between the channels as it came out, I was shocked to see how much more treasure there was in the UK TV news. Robert Moore’s truly master report from Capital to ITV is miles better than anything I ‘ve ever seen on American channels, where even CNN seemed to be locked in pundit form.

And yet … now imagine that Bangers is the country that decides to get into the newsletter game. Imagine being in a country that has been out in the United States for the past four years, whose bloodlines are easy for Fox to detect sensitivity, yet think: let’s be a little into it. Because it’s definitely us. In the coming months, not one, but two non-partisan news channels will be launched in the UK – supported by GB News, Discovery, and News UK, in honor of the aforementioned decoration in international life, by Rupert Murdoch.

You can not move for commentators who explain after the phone hacking scandal that Murdoch’s spelling is broken. In fact, as many events later proved, Rupert Murdoch’s spelling was not remotely broken. He is Spelo Indaco. Shortly after Trump was elected, Murdoch protீg மை Michael Cove was flown to New York to perform a famous colonoscopy on him – the “interview”, as he had. Cove described every detail of his visit to Trump’s office, who rode the lift with him – but never thought to mention that Murdoch was sitting on the whole thing. According to the Financial Times. The public does not want to see how the trick is done.

Trump’s presidency is the logical consequence of the high-discrimination misinformation first fostered by Fox News, and the tragic events of Wednesday are the logical consequence of Trump’s presidency. As strong rumors of a Tucker Carlson presidency sooner or later continued, I would not be so inclined to call it a logical decision. There is always another chapter. For our next episode, there will be those who will be surprised after the events that define the era in Washington this week, and it is time for the UK to begin chasing this particular fox. Again, what is the worst thing that can happen?