September 19, 2021

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World calls for ceasefire in Panchir and withdrawal of Taliban | DW

Anti-Taliban forces in the Banshir Valley called for a ceasefire this Sunday (09/05/2021), according to their leaders, who suffered heavy casualties over the weekend in Afghanistan.

The National Resistance Front said late Sunday that “the Taliban are proposing to halt their military operations in Banshir … and withdraw their forces. In return, we are advising our forces to withdraw from military operations.”

In a separate tweet, the FNR said its spokesman Fahim Tashti, a prominent Afghan journalist and General Abdul Woodot Zara, had been killed in the recent fighting.

The Taliban captured the capital Kabul across Afghanistan on August 15 and completed a spectacular offensive, but the rest of the army returned to the Banshir Valley to join the FNR.

This Sunday, the Taliban claimed they had captured almost the entire valley, but members of the FNR on social media denied the version, saying their militants had returned to higher ground.

Panshir militants fought for decades with the Soviet army and the first Taliban government from 1996 to 2001.

Mickey (afp, Reuters, DOS)

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