September 23, 2021

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Yas – Two million people evacuated from India due to Hurricane Brenza Latina

The event comes a week after another incident, the Takde, which left a backlog of 155 deaths on the west coast of the country, was echoed by Zee News.

The Center for Meteorology said that the severe cyclone, which is centered on the northern coast of Odisha, is likely to move north-northwest and gradually weaken.

The states of Odisha and West Bengal are preparing to reduce the impact of Yas, which is expected to reach 130-140 kmph and 155 kmph.

The Indian Meteorological Department has forecast daytime rains in the coastal districts of northern Odisha and nearby hinterlands.

Meanwhile, two people were electrocuted in West Bengal and at least 80 houses were damaged at the start of the Yas attack.

The Indian Air Force has deployed its helicopters and personnel to assist in relief and rescue operations.

India has been hit by several hurricanes in recent years, namely Fani, Amban, Vayu, Nisarga, and this month Takte and now Yas has its name in Persian meaning jasmine.

Four or more hurricanes occurred in May for the fourth time since 1985. There were two in 2004, three in 2010, two in 2018, and another two this year.

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